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Happy New Year

Happy New Year dear reader! It is hard to believe that the year is now 2022 – at least it is to me. Part of it is that the date just sounds so futuristic to me and the other part is that the “teens” seem like yesterday thanks to the limitations of life imposed by the pandemic. But being human, I look for forward to a new year with hope and anticipation. And yes I’ve talked about this before – I fully appreciate that the situation you go to bed with on 12/31 is the exact same situation you awake with on 01/01; things don’t typically change like that overnight. Our condition, be that political or pandemic or whatever will not significantly change in a night or even a week. But when you look forward on New Year’s day you tend to consider the year as a whole and there is ample reason to hope things will change dramatically over the next year and that 2022 will be a great one!

Our Eve was quiet – pizza and movies. No, no Chinese this year. We have suspended going out to eat (once again) so there was no going out to eat at our favorite Chinese place. And the delivery services all reported the restaurant as “closed until tomorrow”, this because they were not taking online orders due to the overwhelming volume they get hit with. And while pick-up was an option, it was not for me because it is a small restaurant and having done pick-up in years past, I know how packed the waiting area is and how long you have to wait. So it was pizza instead and Chinese tonight!

Speaking of the pandemic, the latest variant that put the world into a tailspin over the last month or so it turning out to have more bark than bite. Yes, it is still of concern and is highly contagious, but its symptoms are typically quite mild and short-lived. And it does not wreak havoc on the lungs unlike the previous variants. And that all makes sense to me having read an scientific article a few weeks ago that revealed that this new variant had “bred” (crossed) with the virus that causes the common cold. And as such, makes sense that it is both highly contagious and mild. A virus seeks to live and reproduce – to propagate. A virus that is slow to spread and kills its hosts will not last long, while one the spread easily and has a low mortality rate will flourish. In essence it is morphing into what Influenza-A and B have become.

Our weather is abnormal: warm and 50’s today and tomorrow, but with rain. But Sunday night winter returns with 20’s overnight and not breaking the freezing mark on Monday. Our first true snowstorm can’t be too far off now. I am sure I have written of this before, but personally I find great pleasure in shoveling. I find it to be a Zen experience. Yes, it is hard work and is tiring, but that side of it all but vanishes in the moment – especially at night. It is always quiet at night anyway, but a deep cover of snow serves as acoustic blanket and dampens sounds considerably. So it is sharply still and quiet when shoveling at night and I find that so peaceful. That coupled with the Zen-like reward of the actual act of shoveling makes it a rewarding experience.

No hiking for me of late, due mostly to the chaos of the holidays, and none in my future I suspect. My daughter has run out of maternity leave and has to return to her job Monday, And we will take care of her 5-month old while she is at work. So that means five days a week all-day, and then our other three grandkids Friday night and Saturday! It will mean we’ll be fully occupied almost full-time! But that is fine; we love them all and enjoy having them around. But it will curtail doing much of anything else. Of course once the weather breaks a little I can take little Teddy out for walks; in fact her house almost backs up to a huge wooded park with lots of trails so he and I can begin “hiking” there.

I will keep this post short. I mostly wanted to express my wishes for a Happy New Year to you and offer some modest updates on life. MY grandson’s computer died yesterday, actually the AC adapter, and I am hoping to splice his DC jack onto another old adapter I have to get him back up and running until the new one arrives on Wednesday, so I have work to do. Until next time, stay well dear reader!!

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