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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving dear reader. We all have our own traditions and customs for this day of family and thanks, some of which may be common and familiar to most all of us: turkey or ham dinner with all the fixings, pumpkin or apple pie, all while surrounded by family. There is the Macy’s parade, the NFL games, and various networks run marathons of one sort or another – for example one network is running a Monty Python marathon. And there is, of course, the annual viewing of probably the funniest scene to ever be aired on TV – the WKRP promotional turkey drop beginning with Les Nessman innocently doing live remote coverage of the stunt, quickly turning into a catastrophe of pure comedic genius….” Oh the humanity” and ultimately culminating with a disheveled and bewildered Big Guy walking into the office: ”With God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”  A wonderfully funny scene and now a Thanksgiving tradition for many. I’ve written before about how important tradition is to family and to society and I truly believe that with all my heart. And each family has their own special tradition of celebrating such as certain games or crafts or going for family walks. Whatever your special tradition may be dear reader, I hope you are able to partake in it. And if things are bad – if life is hard right now – I hope you are able to find some small solace in your personal tradition, even if it is a bittersweet one now. I pray you are each able to find a joy in your life you can celebrate and embrace on this day. Happy Thanksgiving!

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