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The Waters of Life

The more I age, the more I reflect on aging – probably because it is such difficult transition. Of late, I like to the think of it in terms of water.

Youth is like a shallow mountain stream; it flows hard and fast. It is cold and crystal clear. Our direction can be altered with the blink of eye and we race along at breakneck speed, often aiming for the quickest and straightest path seemingly oblivious to everything around us. There is little depth; the pure speed leaves no time for lingering and gathering depth. But the transparency is quite breathtaking; there is nothing hidden. The waters are frigid but infinitely refreshing; there is nothing like a bracing moment in a raging mountain stream. We are beautiful, all; purely natural and untouched – unpolluted – by life yet.

As time rolls along, our speed slows, inevitably. Who can maintain that full throttle race through life? Eventually the mountain’s steep angles begin to flatten and the tempo softens. Life reveals more of itself and there is more time to recognize, select, and elevate thoughts and ideas. The slower water allows for us to settle into deeper pockets and to grow, to stretch, to reach and expand in breadth.

The wider and deeper the river becomes, the slower we move. Don’t get me wrong, there is still plenty of movement beneath the still water. Our waters darken with life’s experiences. We also have great expanse now having reached out far and wide across our path. And such as life has a way of doing, there have been countless directional changes leaving our path winding and roving through the landscape; reflections of how often life can throw us an obstacle that completely changes our life path and charts a new course for us.

As time moves on we find peace and contentment in one area and we slow further and deepen, gradually becoming greater in depth than forward motion; we delight in having the sun warm us and our warmth spreads throughout the body. Our depth is considerable now, but our forward progress near nil as we prefer to wait for life to come to us. We offer nourishment, peace, and an abundance of the waters of knowledge accumulated through the years. We are now rich with life, offering lush shores to sit and watch life drift by, banks to lay upon in the sun and count clouds, and deep waters to swim and fish in for everyone. We become comfortable in our expanse and resources and such begins the transition to ancient….

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