The Waves of Harmony

The Waves of Harmony

After all these years, there may finally be some closure; a moment of clarity – completion of thought. (I know, perish the thought, right?) Alright, perhaps not completion – let’s perhaps instead say that I have played with the blue tones, and have played with the yellows, and today I am bringing them together at the same time on the same canvas. Perhaps someday I can bring in the reds as well and frolic with a full palette…….

These are thoughts, ideas, notions that have swirled around inside me for years. Because I have dwelt upon them for so long, considered them so many times in so many different ways, I am often dissatisfied when I try to express them. But sometimes, I am pleased. And this is one of them.

There is music in everything; all things resonate with a unique frequency. Never be so smug as to believe your human ears can hear it all. Truth be told, we humans can only hear 10% of the world’s melodies. Rare and gifted people may be able to discern up to 50% or so; but none hear all. Even during moments of fear, there is music.

Emotions generate vibrations – frequencies. Harsh emotions make sharp waves, soft and warm emotions gentle and caressing ones. And the vibrations, the frequencies, make music; music few truly hear. And this music is played by the instruments of the heart and of the soul, seemingly borne from the thoughts and dreams of children – vaporous and ethereal and so totally innocent. It is the song we all suppress, and often deny.

Try to bear this in your mind always; strain to hear the music – remember that it is there. It plays for all of us.

So I have been talking much about unconscious motivation, about why we do one thing versus another. And I have played some (OK, a lot) with perspective. But what if these frequencies that we all resonate are actually the reagents of our reaction to the moment?

Perspective may be driven a little by genetics and certainly by nurture, upbringing, and parental influence. But what of intuition? The moments when you instantly like, dislike, lust, or fear someone? Where does genetics, past history, or perspective play in that moment? What if that moment is guided by, driven by, the coupling, or conflict, of these frequencies?????

Imagine – nay, visualize – the colors and wispy contrails of the sounds, tones, and notes of the soft melody of a lullaby. Gentle, caressing and embracing, fleeting lines of softness drifting lazily through the air. Contrast that to the chaotic, explosive, frenetic driving explosion that emanates from Led Zeppelin’s Rock and Roll or Green Day’s Holiday. The notes assault you like bullets, fragments, and shrapnel. Now as it happens, I love both of those songs – they drive me to their rhythm like a powerful engine and I become infused with energy, electricity. But picture those notes as wavelengths in the air; unlike the sweet caressing of the lullaby, these are hard and sharp and travel at nearly the speed of light; they rise and fall and change direction like lightning in the summer night’s sky, ripping across and through the fabric of all your senses.

How well do those two frequencies mesh upon simultaneous engagement? Picture two very different people who each exude one of these songs from their spirit, their soul, coming together for the very first time. I envision the proverbial oil and water. I see instant dislike – even hatred. Perspective? Sort of, but not in the usual sense. No one truly “sees” these notes and only a select few actually hear them – or perhaps discern them is a better term. Most don’t even know of their existence (yup – I know I just went from a theory to a hypothesis to a law without so much as a single proof. Don’t like it? Don’t read it.)

But I am really beginning to believe that a person’s vibrations, their frequency, either mixes, meshes, and melds with someone else’s or it doesn’t. Colors are either complimentary or not. Color is frequency. So why not emotional, personal wavelengths? Picture the infinite multitude of permutations of a sine wave. Now turn it 90-degrees. Now add another sine wave, also rotated 90-degrees opposing the first and line up them up. Look at the cycles, the amplitude, the periods and you can immediately see where they will blend together to become one, where they will deflect each other, and where they will meet head on, peak to peak.

Now layer multiple wavelengths and frequencies into this model – and in doing so we are merely adding chords to the melody, for truly none of us are so single dimensional that our thoughts, ideals, and emotions can be expressed as a simple single wave waveform.

Here is a simple, mild, innocuous, waveform – pair this with one similar and they will “fit”, they’ll get along……..align a couple of cosmic factors just right, and they will fit so well as to blend and merge into one.


Here though, are discontent chords, lack of harmony, discord (pardon the pun), conflict, aggression, and hostility. A series of waveforms that will not likely ever co-exist peacefully.


But multiple chords can maintain their unique and individual characteristics yet stay in harmony – friends, compatriots, allies, like-minded people. Get enough of the same mindset in the same place and the peaks begin to crowd so tightly together that you essentially form a plateau – which is how I kind of envision most Yoga classes if you could ever view it as strictly as vibrations such as with some giant, biospiritual oscilloscope.


I could go on, but you’re all bright people, you get the point.

This then, begins to explain how one person who “feels” differently about something – an idea, a statement, a situation – than another person, will emit a different vibration, a different waveform, than the other. And sometimes those waveforms may be out of sync but still compatible – they “find common ground” and reach some semblance of harmony. But other times, the cumulative culmination of the differing amplitudes, periods, cycles creates such a maligned set of waveforms so as to never result in anything but more wave distortion and reflective chaos – “I disliked him the moment I laid eyes on him” syndrome.

Side note – I usually loathe using pictures in my writing – if I can’t describe it with words I need to go study it further and try it again. But I am a little ok with it here – it’s not laziness and it’s not lack of vocabulary. Not sure why, but I can accept it here. Hopefully, so shall you.

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