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The First Step

When beginning a journey, you really need to know where you want to go – your end destination. Well, in this case I don’t have one. Where this will go is completely unknown to me at this point. I love to write; this should provide me that opportunity. I am not sure, but I suspect that after 62 years on this earth, that I might have at least a thought or two that could resonate with some folks.

But to what end? I really don’t know. I have a lot of thoughts that may, or may not, end up with some semblance of a direction. I wrote fiction for several years as a young man and became absolutely enthralled in creating a journey for my reader(s); painting a mural for their imagination. And very often, I had only the scantest idea of who would walk in my words, what they would experience, and how they would learn from it all (which is ultimately the hidden agenda of any good piece of fiction). So I would start writing and with the passage of some amount of time, and lots and lots of erasing or crossing out (always wrote on paper), and multiple rewrites, I would end up with a story.

I also greatly enjoy hiking in the woods – I have since I was a young boy. Sometimes I would hike to reach a destination. But more often I would hike (really roam and wander) just to explore; to poke around and take a close look at whatever was around that next bend or behind that fallen tree. I see this in much the same light. I do not know where we’ll go from post to post; I do not know if it will be a discernible path or more random and chaotic. And I certainly don’t know if anyone will read, never mind enjoy or learn.  A dear friend told me to write so therefore, I shall. The results of that is yet to be seen and to be determined by you (future, hopefully) readers. 

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