Another Step Closer

It is Monday and I am now in Boston at the massive and sprawling Brigham & Women’s hospital. It seems almost surreal to me at times, like – how did I end up here?!?! It’s been simultaneously as fast as lightning and as slow as watching grass grow.

My room is bigger than some hotel rooms I’ve stayed in and is laden with technology. The medical staff is incredible and so extremely engaged and imbedded in you and your wellbeing. 

Today is a day of testing and imaging as they begin to build their understanding of my overall health and an exact and specific profile of my heart issues.

I’ve had X-rays, a CAT scan. And lots of bloodwork today. And (drumroll please) I’ve had a shower!  My last shower had been Monday night – a week ago. Stress test Tuesday, right to the hospital ER, to a room, and all those days in bed waiting for something to happen….and though I asked I was told I couldn’t. Then the ambulance ride here last night and shower was probably the second thing out of my mouth and they promised I could in the morning. And it was so wonderful!

My primary coronary surgeon came to meet with me today and told me he was trying to move the surgery from Thursday to Wednesday. While no one has definitively said so, it appears that he was successful and I am now going in Wednesday at 9:30. I’m excited… and anxious; hate for my family to see me like that post surgery.

Stress is crafty and insidiously sly. I know I am anxious but felt I was still fully functional. I booked a room for my wife at a hotel near the hospital, trying for this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night, leaving Saturday. The reservation I made was for next Wednesday and Friday (not Thursday somehow). A whole week later than intended. And I booked it. I had to call the hotel and tell them I totally messed up my booking online and needed help. That… is what stress does! More to come dear reader, more to come. Stay well!

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