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I’ll Get There, I’ll Get There…

Well, I failed to write a post for Father’s Day; happily I did at least acknowledge it in my last post. I guess we can call this a post-Father’s Day post lol. (Yes, a dad joke!)

My Father’s Day was nice, but different. Not seeing my son, my daughter in law, and my three grandkids was… weird as my son phrased it in a text to me. I miss them all – it is almost exactly a year now and it is still hard not seeing them on any kind of a regular basis. But I am so happy for them all; they are all flourishing in Maine, doing absolutely great and extremely happy.

My daughter, my son in law, and my two grandkids came over for a cookout. It was nice to fire up the grill again – I went with charcoal for that traditional feel to it (as well as smell and taste)! I always get a bit uptight when I am grilling for others – I just want everyone’s food to be perfect. And of course, no one really cares if their burger or hot dog is a little darker or lighter at a cookout. It was a wonderful cookout!

Today is my cardiac stress test – about an hour and half from now – I am nervous but not like I was for the prostate biopsy; that one was scary. This is sort of Schrodinger’s artery – it is currently both blocked and open. And honestly the stress test won’t determine that anyway; it’ll determine if there is an issue and if so, it will probably take an angiogram to go in and see what’s what. We’ll see I guess! If there is an issue, I want to know and get it fixed – quickly!

Got off a 3rd June hike the other day, a 14.4 mile wander that I intended to be around 7 miles. How did I double it? Well, my personal hiking specific ADD. I started at point A and wanted to go to point B. But in this section of our beautiful state, there are a LOT of trails that all crisscross, interconnect, and link in all sorts of ways. So I headed off in the general direction of point B and spotted a trail to my left and immediately wondered where it went and off I went. Six miles later I had to stop and ask myself where I was; not where I was geographically – GPS takes care of that readily. But more like, where was I in this particular hike – where am I going and how will I get there, and of course, how will I get back. I eventually found a set of trails that got me back to a trail that would take me to point B. But that wanderlust easily doubled the length of my hike; and that’s OK. Because hiking is about the journey, not the destination…much like life! Stay well dear reader and happy trails!

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