The March of Spring

Today is Sunday, the last day of February. The “march” to spring begins tomorrow, although we’ve had several days in the high 40’s and even touches of the 50’s. Tomorrow…

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Walnuts in woman hand, Hunan holding two walnuts

The Walnut

Rough waters for me of late dear reader; medical “stuff” going on. I’ve been on the path of this particular “thing” for a while, but it was fairly easy walking,…


Cool Fun and Other Memories

Some news dear reader, and it materialized on my birthday none the less! I have an appointment to be vaccinated one week from today. It will be the Pfizer vaccine,…



While it is not quite yet my birthday, it probably will be by the time I finish this and get it posted. Hard to believe but this one is 65…


Winter’s Swim

Winter has settled itself upon us like the darkness of a moonless night. The pond has a solid layer of ice, the tree limbs are all bowed with the weight…


Grab a Twizzlers…or Something

An unusual weekend here; a “huge” storm has been forecast for today, Sunday, beginning around 7AM and snowing heavily all day through nightfall. We have our three grandkids every weekend,…