Sculpting Our Landscape

You’ll by now dear reader, I expect, have noticed my love of analogies. One of the lessons I’ve learned in my years is that people, and the relationships with them,…

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Why the Wolff Howls

A warning dear reader, this one is long; far longer than usual. And it is really all about me; there is little about internal vibrations or reincarnation. This is to…


Call of the Wild

When I was young (and if you’ve read some of my ramblings you know this) I used to run through the woods. I’d just run, slowly at first, tentatively; then…

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People holding powder paints to celebrate Holi (Festival of Colors) in Ahmedabad, India

Chaos vs Control

There are millions of philosophies and quotes about how to live your life; some people plan their life to the nth level of detail, weeks and months ahead and become…


The Duality of Ego

There is much to say about ego; it is a necessary yet dangerously double-edged sword. Ego carried me through much of my career; especially in Facilities. Early on in my…

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