The Challenge of Choice

We are all born with the gift of choice. Yes, dear reader, I do recall that one of my earliest posts was about choice and freewill. And truly, if indeed…


The Good, the Bad, and the Reality

Bad things happen to good people. True. But truthfully, bad things happen to everyone; no one escapes life without death, which depending upon your spiritual and philosophical beliefs, is a…

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A Mother’s Love

A mother’s love – one of the strongest forces in the universe. There are likely few who will argue against that statement. Whether she is still with you, was with…


The Seed of Thought

Where are thoughts and ideas – concepts – born? I mean, the immediate and instinctive answer is our brain, our mind. The adages of “thoughts rolling around my head” or…

The Power We All Possess
a woman pointing to the illuminated bulb

The Power We All Possess

The other night I bid farewell to a dear, near lifelong friend. No – not in the manner you may be thinking. He retired, moving on to the next chapter…


The Sands of Time

I want to share with you one of my favorite life analogies here. I will never claim it to be my thought, my idea. I have to believe it has…



But there’s another model….. And without getting over my head, which ain't hard of late, the truth is that, in at least one model, all the potential joy and sadness…


The Songs of Chance

Consider the red light you catch because the driver in front of you didn't know how to use a turn lane. He makes you stop because his tail is hanging…


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